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About Us
This web site is for the extended family of Clay Swinburn. I am a 60-something retired guy. My immediate family all hail from Texas and most of my siblings still live there. I am married (second pass) to Joan Ray, who spent most of her life in Alaska, where we met in 1986.

We moved to Portland, Oregon in 1997 when Alyeska Pipeline had to offer me early retirement in lieu of moving me from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Joan was at that time publisher of the weekly state wide Alaska Journal of Commerce. Dolan Media of Minneapolis had just purchased the Portland Daily Journal of Commerce and offered her the job of West Coast Group publisher. It was a no brainer.

My sons are 30-something guys. Austin is a struggling artist in Austin, Texas and Ben is a new law graduate in New York City. Becki is a mother and housewife in Tucson, where she lives with her husband Alex and daughter Katy. Melissa is a mother and pottery artist and instructor in Milwalkie, Oregon, where she lives with husband Mike and children Sarah and Jonathon. They actually are only a mile away as the crow flies, about two miles by road.